Work Outlook

Point Beach Nuclear Plant Fall Outage

PBNP will be looking to hire 31 journeyman for the upcoming fall outage.  The outage will start on October 7th with bulletin 27 beginning use on October 9th.  This will be a twenty-six day outage with manpower scheduled to start September 18th.  We have been told there is pre-work to do so some calls may possibly start going out the end of July/ beginning of August.  JS 7/18/2017


For the most accurate information we recommend you call ahead and speak to the referral agent, Jesse, at 920-432-0158 ext 2.

The best bet to track electrical work in other locals is to use the International's Construction Jobs Board --------follow this link:

IBEW Jobs Board Search


As of July 18, 2017 we have 32 electricians on Book 1 and 6 electricians on Book 2.  The past 4 weeks we have had most calls going into book 2 and some calls going unfilled.  JS 7/18/2017