Electrical Staffing

You have found the one stop shop for Professional Electrician Staffing, Administrative & Benefit Services and Advanced/Specialty Training.

Electrical Staffing:

  • Unlimited pool of skilled, licensed electricians and apprentices at competetive rates.
  • Eliminate Recruitment costs and the expense of advertising for electricians.
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease workforce as needed.

Administrative Benefits and Services:

  • Zero cost administration of benefits including Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Pension Plans.
  • Streamlined benefits reporting to a single source.

Advanced / Specialty Training:

  • Upgrade Training and industry specific Training availible to your current workforce.
  • Access to Wisconsin Certified Indentured Apprenticeship program.

To get acces to all this and more contact a friendly staff member now and take advantage of the fastest and easiest way to grow your electrical contracting business.

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