A Message from Prudential

Over the past few weeks, Prudential has been working to make information and resources available to our clients and their plan participants.  To continue to help your members make informed decisions as it relates to their retirement plan during times of extreme market volatility, I wanted to share a few new items.  They are:


  • An expanded participant website landing page with fresh new content to help participants manage their accounts.  Below is a link that participants can already click when logged into their Prudential account.  When clicked, it will direct them to our Markey Volatility Communication Center.   


  • Three short videos (links directly below) that focus on the following topics (including one about continuing to contribute to the plan now that 401(k) is available).  They are below:
  1. 1.       What should I do with my investments during this volatility? http://video.engagepru.com/CounselorQA/Market-Volatility-Investments
  1. 2.       Should I stop contributing to my retirement plan? http://video.engagepru.com/CounselorQA/Market-Volatility-Contributions
  1. 3.       I’m close to retirement, how should I be thinking? http://video.engagepru.com/CounselorQA/Market-Volatility-PreRetirees